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 Complete Two Way Remote Engine Start system
  • One 5 Button 2-Way Remote Control with Separate Lock and Unlock
  • Super Bright White LED Back Light
  • On-Board Temp Sensor code onifodinv n-Car Temp with LCD Remote
  • One 5 Button Code Hopping Remote
  • Two Car Operation with 2 Way and One Way Remotes
  • Auto Start Based on Temp Threshold Set though LCD Remote
  • True RPM Sensing fro Real Time Cranking
  • Compatible with All Vehicles
  • Factory Disarm and Rearm Output
  • Power Door Lock Control
  • 1,000 + Ft Range
Keyless Entry
  • Two 3 Button icon based code hopping transmitters
  • Separate Lock Unlock Buttons
  • 3 Channel Receivers
  • Dual Vehicle Operation
  • 700 Ft - 1500 Ft Range
  • Trunk Release Outputs and Starter Disable Outputs*
  • Horn Output
Remote Start
  • 15-25 min Run Time
  • (2) One Button Transmitters
  • Parking Lights for Run Indicator
  • 700 Ft - 1000 Ft Range
Remote Start and Keyless Entry
  • (Two) Five Button Programmable Code Hopping Transmitters
  • Three channel Receiver
  • Up to 1,500+ Ft Range
  • Super-heterodyne Glass Mounted Antenna
  • Can be used on Gasoline or Diesel Engines
  • 15-25 minute Run Time
  • Car Finder Mode
Remote Start and Security System with Keyless Entry
  • (1) 4 Button Icon Based, Code-Hopping Carbon Fiber Transmitter with Flashlight
  • (1) 4 Button Code-Hopping, Icon Based Carbon Fiber Transmitter
  • Up to 1,000 Ft of Range
  • Starter Disable Relay
  • Plug-in Dual Stage Shock Sensor
  • 6-Tone Siren
  • 7-Function Super Bright Blue PB LED
  • Parking Light Flasher
  • 20 Minute Remote Start Run Time
  • Glass Mounted Super-heterodyne Antenna/Receiver
  • Dome Light Illumination Outputs
  • 7-Receiver Channels and 9-Effective Channels
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Dome Light Illumination
Mobile Video Headrest Systems
  • 7.0" or 5.6" Monitors Headrest LCD Display
  • DVD/ CD/MP3/Video Games
  • JPEG Photo Slide Shows/iPod
  • Handcrafted to Match Factory Seat in Color, Grain, and Seam Stitch
Mobile Video Drop Down Systems
  • 15.4", 8.5", or 10.2" Wide Screen TFT/LCD Monitors
  • Full Menu Remote Control
  • Many Models, Options, and Features to Choose from
Navigation/DVD/iPod All In One Dash Systems
  • Many different brands and features to choose from. See our Showroom for newest models
BlueTooth / Ego Flash/ Ego Talk
  • Voice Recognition (speech-to-text, not training required)
  • Supports Phone Based Voice Commands
  • Complies with All Hands-Free Laws
  • High Definition 1.6 inch OLED Display
  • Phonebook Download (up to 10,000 Entries)
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP and AVRCP)
  • Bluetooth Audio Playback Pauses During Active Calls and Resumes Afterwards
  • Reads Out and Displays Text Messages
  • Shows Last Dialed Numbers, Missed, and Received Calls
  • Stereo Output with Low Noise Pre-Amps for Superior Sound Quality
  • Auxiliary Stereo Input (loop through) for External Music Players like iPod
  • External Noise Suppressing Microphone
  • Accommodates Up to 10 Different User Profiles
  • Software Update via Bluetooth
  • 3 Languages Available (English, Spanish, French)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Command and Display Unit dimensions: 3 X 1 13/16 X 7/8 (inch)
Backup Cameras and Sensors
  • Cameras-Universal Full Frame License Plate Camera. High resolution color camera.
  • Vertical angle swivel camera for different angles. Works on all types of vehicles. Available in Chrome or Black finishes.
  • Sensors-Makes Backing and Parallel Parking Safer & Easier Same Ultrasound Technology Used by Manufacturers



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